Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Please Follow this Link!!

The lad on the right is actually going to run a marathon! The lad on the left could not!

My good friend and fellow birder Joe Ray will be taking part in the Great North Run this year in memory of his sister, all his proceeds will be going to the Samaritans. The Samaritans offer many people in the grips of severe depression something which doctors visits and medication can not - somebody anonymous to talk with about their problems. My mother was a Samaritan phone operative for a long while and so I have seen first hand the fantastic work this organisation does.

The above picture is of me and Joe on Scilly last year after kipping on the beach and having just seen a Melodious Warbler at first light (hence the bleary eyes!) If you would like to sponsor Joe in his efforts please follow the link below. This link will also give you some more information about Joe's sister Saffron and the Samaritans. Please give generously! Ash.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Martin's Haven - Pembrokeshire

After finishing work this afternoon, I drove the short distance to Martin's Haven in search of a Melodious Warbler that has been frequenting the area over the last few days. On arrival the garden was extremely windswept and despite an almost instant flight view, I had to wait about an hour and half for the bird to really perform.

Image 4 shows the primary projection of the bird fairly well, this bird does however appear to have very well marked edges to the greater coverts. Also almost blue looking legs (see image 1, darker than any previous Melodious I have seen) and a very broad bill base seen in image 2. Just shows how tricky it can be to separate from Icky! Click on any of the images below to view an enlarged version.

Above 5 images - Melodious Warbler, Martin's Haven, Pembrokeshire.

Cornwall Again!

Work once again took me to Cornwall and I had a great 5 days in the area. Despite working I managed a couple of outings. On Friday I went for a very nice walk along the coastal footpath at Lizard Head. Unfortunetley I didn't see any of my old friends - the Chough's, I did manage some nice pictures though so not all bad!

Whitethroat - Lizard Head, Cornwall

Above 3 images - Kestrel, old Lizard Head, Cornwall.

Above 2 images - Turnstone, Lizard Beach, Cornwall.

On Monday I went for a sea-watch at Pendeen in preparation for 4 days hardcore sea-watching at Bridges in Ireland next week. Well it was a bit slow but over about 4 hours I recorded the following - Manx Shearwater (1000+), Sooty Shearwater (2), Balearic Shearwater (1), Arctic Skua (3), Pom Skua (1 ad), Storm Petrel (1) and a couple of Sunfish!

After things slowed down at Pendeen I drove down to Lands End aerodrome and met Dan Pointon and Jules. They had been looking for the long staying Black Kite along with Rob Capewell for about an hour (Rob for longer). We decided to go for a drive and actively seek out the bird. In our 3rd viewing point (farm field entrance!) we managed to find the bird, great views were had but unfortunately the images are not brilliant, you can tell what it is though! As usual click on any of the images to view an enlarged version.

Above 3 images - Black Kite, near Lands End, Cornwall