Friday, 29 July 2011

The Gambler!

Well all I can say is that if all bookies had these outside them, then I might become a betting man! This picture was taken in Lampeter, just off the high street, doubt they will around for much longer! Click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged version.

Above image and below below 5 images - Swallow at the nest

Thursday, 28 July 2011

From Cornwall to Wales!

Im now in mid-Wales for a few nights, equally as scenic and equally as diverse as the beautiful counties of Devon and Cornwall I was lucky enough to be working in last week. More photo's and details tomorrow but for now here's a few images I got while eating my lunch near Borth. The below pictures of Manx Shearwater represent a few individuals which were part of a raft over 4000 strong. Exceptionally these pictures were taken from the Sea front!! As usual click on any of the images to view an enlarged version.

Above image and below 2 images - Red Kite

Above image and below 2 images - Manx Shearwater

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

North Devon

Whilst doing a Phase 1 habitat survey at a confidential location in North Devon (very JamesBond!) I managed to get a few nice pictures, particularly happy with the bathing Linnet image. Feedback always welcome as usual. Please click on any of the images to view an enlarged version.

Small Tortoiseshell

Red Admiral

Painted Lady

Above 2 images: Linnet

Monday, 25 July 2011

Aquila Update

With the survey season in full swing, I have been fairly hectic of late, hence the lack of posts. Well hopefully now I have replaced my broken laptop, posting more regularly shouldn't be a problem. I'm currently in Devon and Cornwall working so fingers crossed I will be able to get some nice images.

Below are a few pictures I have managed to get over the last few days. Both House Sparrow images were taken in the back garden, the recently fledged young bird is part of a second brood produced by the adult bird also pictured below. The Scarlet Tiger moth was taken in Lucy's garden in Gloucestershire and finally the Mute Swan is from the disastrous Greenshank (Greater Yellowlegs) twitch! Keep checking back for some more images and regular updates! Click on any of the images to see an enlarged version. Ash

Mute Swan

Scarlet Tiger

House Sparrow

House Sparrow