Friday, 14 May 2010

Thursday 13th May - Owls and Nightjars

I decided to go out this evening in search of a new site for Eagle Owl, the area i choose was about 5km outside Algorfer. After an hour of searching with only a Little Owl found, the night soon picked up when an Eagle Owl slowly drifted across the valley and perched on a nearby rock face. The bird soon began calling and this seemed to act like a switch for everything else to kick into action. Within 2 minutes of the Eagle Owl starting to call Red-necked Nightjar, Little Owl, Cuckoo and Scops Owl could all be heard. Shortly after this (whilst watching the Scops Owl) a European Nightjar started Churring. An excellent 40 minutes birding, its a shame these species are not active all day!

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