Friday, 3 September 2010

1st September - Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire

At about 11.30 news broke that there was an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler in the old fall plantation at Flamborough Head. A quick call to Dan Pointon and he was on his way to meet me on the M6 from Bristol. After a nervous drive we were on site but the bird hadn't been seen for over an hour. The crowd dispersed from where it had been seen last and began trying to find it, shortly later a reliable observer had seen the bird and once again the crowd gathered.

The bird was calling on and off and after a while Phil Wollen and myself managed very brief views amongst the foliage. Another long wait during which a number of people had views similar to what Phil and I had achieved, but nobody had seen the bird well. As the light began to fade the bird jumped out and sat in the open for about a minute and thanks to Will Soar's lighting fast reactions, we all got great scope views! A great bird and a fantastic feeling seeing it so well when it looked like we were about to fail. Many thanks to John Harwood for allowing me to use his great images, below.

Above - Eastern Olivaceous Warbler - 1st September 2010 Flamborough Head

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