Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cotswold Water Park

Great Crested Grebe

Today we ventured out to the Neigh Bridge C.P. which forms part of the extensive series of lakes known as the Cotswold Water Park. Although the light was bad we managed to get the above image which is good but its a shame the weather wasn't slightly better, but a great late morning/afternoon in the field nevertheless. We walked for about 5 miles in total passing various lakes, recording the following species of note;

Great-crested Grebe (20+, above), Goosander (1 male, 2 female), Goldeneye (16 male, 19 female), Tufted Duck (numerous), Pochard (30+), Wigeon (50+), Teal (8), Red-crested Pochard (30+), Gadwall (20+), Redwing (100+), Fieldfare (16), Bullfinch (7), Reed Bunting (5) and our target species for the day - Smew (1 drake and 2 female).

Having spent the last few days in Gloucestershire visiting Lucy, I will be returning to work in Cheshire for the next 5 days and hopefully some more good birding and pictures!

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