Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ireland Trip - Day 1

Having limited time to do any posts during this trip means a full report will have to wait until Thursday, I couldn't resist adding a bit now though. Yesterday (monday 14th), Dan Pointon, Mark Powell, Ashley Howe and myself arrived in Dublin at about 6am, we headed straight for the Indian House Crow in Cork but despite a 3 hour search, we couldn't pin down our target species. Deciding to "cut our losses" we moved on towards Rossbeigh to try and see the recently reported White-winged Scoter of the Asian sub-species stejnegeri.

Within a few minutes we had located the bird feeding with a small raft of Common Scoter. I managed to get a couple if images below and also a very poor video which does show the bird with its wings open at about 33secs. I will put my full notes on here when we arrive back at home on Thursday, a very distinctive bird none-the-less, as you can see below. Large numbers of Red-throated and to a lesser extent Great-northern Diver, were also watched at close range in the bay. Click on the images to enlargen them.

White-winged Scoter

White-winged Scoter

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