Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ringing at El Hondo

Today we met Ray Marsh and Ignacio Peiro for are usual ringing trip to El Hondo. This summer myself and Ray will be joining Ignacio as frequently as possible to help with the monitoring and ringing at his constant effort site. Today we caught - Reed Warbler (7), Moustached Warbler (2), Willow Warbler (2), Chiffchaff (1), Sardinian Warbler (2) and 3 Blackbirds.

Although we didn't catch the much hoped for Savi's Warblers, we did hear at least one bird singing and I have included a picture from Ignacio's visit last week, he caught 3! We also recorded a few other good bits throughout the morning including - Osprey (1), Booted Eagle (1), Ruff (54), Spotted Crake (1 singing before sunrise), Wood Sandpiper (5) and numerous Cuckoo's.

Reed Warbler - El Hondo

Above 2 Images - Moustached Warbler - El Hondo

Sardinian Warbler - El Hondo

Willow Warbler - El Hondo

Savi's Warbler - El Hondo. Photograph by Ignacio Peiro

Cuckoo - El Hondo

Booted Eagle - El Hondo

A few hours this evening at a local site in search of Nightjars did not produce any, however we did recorded a very vocal and showy Eagle Owl, 5 Little Owl, 3 Night Heron and a single Squacco Heron. My Dad and I will be leaving for a 7 day birding trip in Morocco tomorrow, so although posts will be thin on the ground next week, there should be some good pictures and stories posted when we get back!


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  2. Thanks for the update on El Hondo. Im coming out on Monday so its good to hear the state of play. Kepp it up.