Thursday, 5 May 2011

EL Pinet Migrants

First day attempting to do this blog on my own as Ashley is back in Britain at the moment leading our tour in the Scottish Highlands. We visited El Pinet this afternoon where it was soon evident that the birds had arrived overnight. Spotted flycatchers and Northern Wheatears seemed to be everywhere and the further along the dunes system we walked the more flycatchers we saw; adding three Pied to the many spotted seen nearer to the car park. Three common Redstart and two Black-eared Wheatears rounded the walk off. Not bad when I originally stopped here to try and count the increase in the Little Terns. As many as forty birds were present today and I will have to apologise for not getting a picture of any of the above species but I am just not as quick as Ashley (yet !). The above Crested Lark will have to keep the photographers amongst you happy and I will try to do better tomorrow.

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