Sunday, 29 April 2012

White Storks & Med Gulls at El Hondo

This morning we finally got to photograph the Montagu's Harrier at El Hondo.  We have set out to watch them several times over the last few days and never made it because something else has taken our interest.  Well today we parked up and watched a pair hunting over the reserve.

We normally spend a lot more time at Hondo but there are so many mosquitos around that it has become almost impossible to spend any real time there without getting covered in bites.   If you intend to visit, make sure you are well protected against them, unless of course, you are one of the lucky few they don't bother to bite. 

As we had no other set plans for today we decided to drive around and just see what we came across.  Most people visit Spain and go to the Casino or for a dip, not us we go round the Camino's and the tip !

White Stork were on the local refuse tip and we saw 5 together on the posts around the perimeter fence.  There may have been more but as access is prohibited and we had a limited view it was hard to be sure.

Driving around the local area we came across a large flooded field just outside San Felipe Neri.  Mediterranean Gull (150+) and Glossy Ibis (29) along with  Black-headed Gull, Cattle Egret and Little Egret were all present in good numbers. 

 Montagu's Harrier

 White Stork  up to 5 present at the refuse tip

 Cattle Egret

 Med Gull

 and some more .........

and even more !

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