Friday, 24 August 2012

Cholmondeley Woods

Not much to report bird wise from the woods on the Cholmondeley Estate but still plenty of Common Buzzard and a big female Sparrow Hawk in the area.  A few Chiffchaffs and fly over Swallows still present along with House Martin and Swift in varying numbers.  

The main interest from todays walk was butterflies.  Since our trip to the Pyrenees earlier this year, where we saw some stunning species, I have developed an interest in them and seem to notice them more and more when out and about.   Below are some pictures of what we have seen on the last couple of visits on the Estate along with Small Tortoise Shell, Comma and Meadow Brown. 

Last night we left the door open in our kitchen with the light on and came back to find the two moths pictured below. 

Still very much in the beginners ID league so if I have got something wrong please let me know. 

 Old Lady

 Poplar Hawk Moth

 Poplar Hawk Moth

 Common Buzzard

 Small White

 Large White

 Speckled Wood




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