Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Waxwings Hit Cheshire

Well, with the amount of Waxwings in the country at the moment it was only a matter of time before some were seen close to home.  Ashley had 12 in Nantwich last friday but by the time he had picked the camera up from home the small flock had gone. Another phone call yesterday off Ashley to inform me of a flock of 30+ at Tesco in Northwich was frustrating as I had other commitments and couldn't get over to see them. So third time lucky today as Ash managed to see 22 again, so a quick dash across with the camera and we managed some photos in poor light.


  1. Saw one on its own today feeding on red berries in a little tree in the car park of the Woodpecker pub in Northwich (CW9 8EG)

    1. Thanks for that info, I will forward it on to the local records group. Ash

    2. just seen 6 in my garden in bramhall near stockport