Saturday, 26 April 2014


We began today at 5am with a visit to the RSPB Capercaillie watch at Loch Garten. Unfortunately thick fog was against us and despite persevering for an hour and a half, visibility was always less than the distance to the "forward" hide (c50m) Although our quarry species alluded us, we were rewarded with excellent view of the smart male Redstart pictured below, which sang throughout our time in the hide whist the female remained within the nest box. Further to this, Red Squirrel and Siskin flocks offered a further distraction from the distinct lack of Capers. I would love to give you an update as to how the Osprey is doing....but we couldn't see it!!!!

Having made a decision that the fog was going to hang all morning, we moved on to Loch Mallachie. Spending approximetley an hour walking the loop trial, we finally heard our first Crested Tits, located on the Loch side. Here we also recorded Redstart, Goldrest, Treecreeper, Crossbill sp x 2, Goldeneye and Common Sandpiper.

Having briefly stopped back at the hotel for refreshments, we continued on toward Cairngorm Mountain, calling in at "the second" Osprey nest, seeing the female proudly sat on her nest, now we were having to compete with heat haze!!

Above 2 images: Snow Bunting

The majority of the afternoon was then spent birding the Cairngorm area recording of note Snow Bunting (above) and a stunning pair of Ptarmigan (below). Click on any of the images to enlarge and remember book for our 2015 at 2014 prices, limited time only!

Above 4 images: Ptarmigan

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