Thursday, 15 January 2015

A New Year and a New List

As another year begins so does another year list.  In recent years we have not twitched much across the UK because of the ever increasing crazy cost of fuel and the fact that we were spending hours sitting in traffic.  We have missed the birding so this year we have decided to keep a year list in the recording area of our local Nantwich Natural History Society a club which we have been involved with for many years.  I contacted Mike Holmes who is the Societys' "go to man" on most things birding, as we were trying to establish if a year list/count had been recorded before.  No record could be found so we have set ourselves a target of 123 species

The first Saturday of the year is traditionally the day when members of the society go out and about to record as many species as they can in our area.  We managed 62, which started our year list off nicely.  Species of note: Little Egret, Stonechat Goosander and Cettis Warbler.
A first for me and Ash in the Nantwich Natural History Society recording squares. 

We will keep updating our list on this blog and would appreciate news of any sightings within our recording area that are a bit more unusual. 

Happy New Year and Good Birding in 2015 !  

Little Egret


 Burleydam pool
Little Egret


  1. Hiyas. Wishing you (belatedly) all the best for the New Year. The last couple of years, I like yourselves, have cut down on the travelling - just too expensive although at least here the roads are relatively clear! To make up for it, last year I joined the BY (Big Year) initiative here in Spain, keeping 'Murcia' and 'Local Patch (Mar Menor)' yearlists. Amazing how interesting it can be, without having to stray too far! By the end of the year, my Murcia list was on 239 (one short of my best ever, which included one bird seen in the hand (Grasshopper Warbler) which isn't allowed under the BY rules, so in effect I equalled my best ever), and the Mar Menor list on 203, and lots of fun doing it. I don't know if there's an equivalent in the UK - the only thing I can think of is the 'Patchwork Challange'.
    Anyway, good luck with your local yearlists, and maybe catch you out here in Spain when it gets too quiet in the UK!

  2. Cheers Richard
    Been out to Spain already this year Nerca in Aldalucia and just booked a trip up for Tarifa in early May, Hoping to be back in Alicante/Murcia Region by September,

    see you then