Thursday, 17 June 2010


I have been really busy with getting the website finished the last few days and as a result, I have had little time for birding. Managed a few hours up at Algorfa this evening which turned out to be really good. As I watched the rock face I hoped to see Eagle Owl on, a number of other species were recorded, Bee-eater (numerous), Iberian Grey Shrike (4), Stone Curlew (10+), Little Owl (2) and Black Wheatear all showed well.

Unfortunetley the Eagle Owl didn't show but I have a good idea where it has moved to, it tends to move around the area and appears not to be breeding despite holding a good (large) territory. A huge consolation was a Red-necked Nightjar which completley out of character began flying around in full daylight and landed in the open for a few minutes. I was that caught up in the moment that by the time I reached for my camera it took to the air again, landing out of view.

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  1. Hi mate hope all is going well, I'm enjoying the blog and the website looks great. I've plugged Aquila bird tours on the Devon 2010 blog - do I now get a company t-shirt like Joe?!