Thursday, 10 June 2010

Back in the Uk

Back in the UK
Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so, I have been back in the UK and very busy sorting things out for when I return to Spain on Sunday (13th). However, I have found some time for birding. On Friday 4th I made the short drive to Blorenge, South Wales to see the Marmora's Warbler which has taken up residence in the area, what a fantastic song this species has! I watched the bird for 2 hours as it moved around its territory on a feeding circuit, which at times brought it fairly close to where I was stood. Although it was hard to take my eyes of the star of the show, it did have a fine supporting cast which included Whinchat, Cuckoo, Tree Pipit, Redstart and Raven.

Marmora's Warbler: Photo by Steve Hinton

Marmora's Warbler: Photo by Steve Hinton

Marmora's Warbler: Photo by Steve Hinton

Having dragged myself away from the Marmora's, I decided to have a look around Wentwood Forest for the Iberian Chiff Chaff which has been singing here for a number of weeks. Shortly after arriving the birds distinctive call gave its location away and I had soon found it, its fleeting movements through the canopy made it hard to get a prolonged view. Other species seen in the wood included Chiff Chaff, Blackcap, Garden,Willow and Wood Warbler.

Iberian Chiff Chaff: Photo by Steve Hinton

Travelling from Devon to Cheshire on Monday 7th allowed me to explore some old birding haunts. On Tuesday evening I visited Cannock Chase with my Dad (Mark Powell) and Mike Hunter. In the hour before twilight we managed to see Hobby, Woodlark (2), Tree Pipit and numerous Cuckoo; the main attraction also showed well just before dark with a minimum of 5 Nightjar present.

The following morning I managed a couple of hours birding on the North Welsh coast before picking my sister up from Bangor University. My first point of call was Cemlyn Bay where Sandwich, Common and Arctic Tern were all breeding in good numbers. From the sea a steady trickle of Gannets, Manx Shearwater and Auk's passed through; the best of the bunch however, was a Roseate Tern which fished in the shallows for 10 minutes before heading towards the main colony. A brief stop on the way home at Gronant Little Tern colony was a perfect end to a 5 Tern day!

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