Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ringing at El Hondo

Hen Harrier

Today we met Ray Marsh for some birding around El Hondo with the view of meeting Ignacio in the afternoon to do some ringing in the centre of the reserve, which is currently off limits to the general public. As to not tempt anyone into jumping the fence and entering the site, all the sightings on here are from the morning and viewed in areas of the reserve with general access. Out of interest we caught 11 Chiffchaff in the afternoon so not our best day but by no means a disaster.

So in the morning we walked the circuit from the visitor centre, round to the green hide and back to the visitor centre. During this time we recorded the following species of note; Red-crested Pochard (numerous), Gadwall (numerous), Purple Swamphen (2), Bluethroat (10+), Hen Harrier (1 male, above), Spotted Redshank (1), Marsh Sandpiper (1, from the green hide), Kingfisher (1), Green Sandpiper (numerous), Chiffchaff (100+), Fan-tailed Warbler (numerous, see below) and finally 2 Greater Spotted Eagles, Tonn - the Estonian Satellite tagged bird and the 1st year Estonian ringed bird, see below record shots.

Greater Spotted Eagle - 1st year bird (note white flash and double spotted wing bars)

Greater Spotted Eagle - Tonn

Also of interest, yesterday we found a flock of Siskin near Algorfa, an uncommon bird in this area, occuring in winter months only.

Fan-tailed Warbler - video

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