Sunday, 16 January 2011

La Mata

Firstly, due to internet problems at the moment I´m having to update using an internet cafe and as a result will have no pictures on this post (hopefully this will change tomorrow). Secondly I will be flying back to the UK on friday for business and will be there for a while, depending on how long the job takes.

Ok, housekeeping out of the way, I will get back to the birds! It was fairly quiet around La Mata today, despite this I still managed to see a fair number of species with an unexcpected Yellow Wagtail being the cream of the crop.

The Golden Plover flock has grown in numbers and is now pushing 500, other species of note included. Stone Curlew (12), Iberian Green Woodpecker (numerous), Lesser Short-toed Lark (20+), Booted Eagle (2), Osprey (1), Kentish Plover (20+), Iberian Grey Shrike (5), Cirl Bunting (4) and 8 Corn Bunting.

I will be heading to a cafe tomorrow that has wireless and being able to use my own laptop will mean I can get some pictures online including the great Red Squirrel pictures from last week - watch this space!

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