Thursday, 4 April 2013

Back on familiar ground

After a lazy morning and a late breakfast we set out for a quick round up of what's been happening here whilst we've been back in the UK for the winter.  

Everywhere is green and the wild flowers are abundant. The river Segura is higher than we have seen it in years and its tributaries are full.  Last April the water level in the river was very low and most of the tributaries were dry. 

Before heading home we wanted to check out the reservoir at Torremendo because we have a guest with us for a couple of days next week who wants to spend a day fishing.  Not sure what's happened there but it looks like someone has pulled the plug out and 2/3rds of the water has disappeared. You can now drive across from one side to the other as it is completely dry in parts.  We will ask the local fishermen what's been gong on and post any information when we can. 

We have been following Richard Howards' blog (Murcia Birding - see "my blogs" in the right hand panel of this page) and he has recorded strong North Westerly winds for a while now. Although the temperature is good the winds persist and there doesn't appear to be much evidence of the migrant birds arriving yet. We recorded a single Woodchat Shrike, White Wagtail a few Barn Swallow and Swift along with 6 Whiskered Tern during the circular trip around our usual sites.  

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