Thursday, 4 April 2013

Domestic Duties 1 - Dowitcher 0

We arrived over the Easter Holiday weekend so the banks and supermarkets have all been closed for what we call bank holidays and the Spaniards  call "red days."  They have red days for lots of reasons and the one that always sticks in my mind is the refuse collectors red day.  They all have a day off to show the publics appreciation for the work they do collecting the rubbish from communal bins every night. 

After sorting the food and finances we headed out to San Pedro del Pinata to try and relocate the Short-billed Dowitcher that was last seen there on 28th March.   We spent a good couple of hours birding the Salt Pans but no luck with the Dowitcher - Domestics 1 Dowitcher 0 

A few immature Greater Flamingo were at the back of the Salt Pans (too far away to photograph) and the other birds recorded included:  Black-necked Grebe (6), Kentish Plover (4), Ruff (1), Sanderling (30), Redshank (2), Turnstone (15), Little Stint (4), Black-tailed Gidwit (2) and Common Sandpiper.  

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