Friday, 26 July 2013

Caspian Tern

After missing the Caspian Tern on Wednesday evening and the bird not being seen at first light on Thursday morning,  I thought I had missed my chance of adding a UK lifer in my home county of Cheshire.

However, 19.45 last night the phone rang and it was Dan Pointon telling me the Caspian Tern was back. No time to waste, a quick dash across town to pick Ashley up then an even quicker, but within the law !!,  dash a couple of junctions up the M6, and in no time we were on site, amid a lot of familiar faces from the Cheshire birding scene.  Included in these was the "Legend" that is Uncle Phil Woollen,   who kindly emailed the bottom three photo's to me this morning  - (Cheers Phil)

 It's there somewhere !

 Caspian Tern


... and one more.

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