Sunday, 18 August 2013

Home, Local Patch and a morning in Yorkshire

Thursday morning the 15th and the Buddleia in our front garden was alive with butterflies so I enjoyed an hour or so watching and photographing six different species.

 Red Admiral
 Small White
 Painted Lady
Red Admiral
 Small Tortoiseshell

That afternoon I headed to our local patch at Cholmondeley Castle grounds with Ashley and Scruffy. We decided to walk around Deer Park Mere where there is still plenty of Reed & Sedge Warbler activity. Overhead five Buzzard were taking advantage of another clear blue sky.  Three Raven joined them and we sat watching this wonderful air display for ten minutes or more. 

As we sat watching the Raven I asked Ashley if he still needed Two-barred Crossbill as a UK Lifer ? "Yes Pop why"? was his response.  I told him about the record at Broomhead Reservoir in South Yorkshire of 6 Juvs and 2 Adults.  We decided we would go the following morning and see if we could add a lifer to Ashleys' list - something not so easy to do nowadays. 

 Reed Warbler
 and again
 Small Red Damselfly
 Speckled Wood
 Speckled Wood
(Library photo) Two-barred Crossbill - whapped on .......

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