Friday, 6 September 2013

Another Cheshire Lifer Stilt Sandpiper

Ashley Powell (author) / Mark Powell / Alex Gummer 

I was working away on Saturday, so it was not until Sunday that we had a chance to nip down the road to Northwich for yet another Cheshire lifer!! Stilt Sandpiper has been a bit of a bogey bird for me over the years, so to potentially see one less than 20 miles away from home was a very exciting prospect.

Despite being distant the Stilt Sandpiper showed well and at 60 x magnification a great view was achieved. All of the identification features of this superb North American wader could be seen after a while, including the leg colour when it eventually stopped feeding. After spending a couple of hours with the bird and chatting with some old friends, we went for a stroll around Ashton's flash, here a number of Ruff and Snipe were added to the wader list, see pictures below. Thanks to Pete Antrobus for his fantastic picture of the Stilt Sand, featured below.

 Stlit Sandpiper Cheers Pod
 its there somewhere
 there it is
 Green Sandpiper
 Common Snipe
 four of the seven Ruff on site
Two More

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