Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Myrtle Warbler In County Durham

Last week the chance to twitch the first Mainland Myrtle Warbler in 20 years at High Shincliffe, County Durham was too much to resist. A 5am start from Cheshire with Dave Robinson "Robbo",  "Uncle" Phil Woollen and "Big Al" Orton was on the cards. Following an uneventful journey, we arrived on site at 8am and duly followed the on site parking instructions.  There was quite a crowd so it was easy enough to "follow the birder in front" to a corner of a small housing estate, where we were told to keep an eye on some coconut feeders that had been strategically placed in the mature hedgerow. We only had to wait 2 minutes and there it was!  feeding on the food provided.  Good scope views were enjoyed by all the party for approx. 10 minutes (happy days) before the warbler Disappeared. 

Phil was after a picture of the Myrtle Warbler so wanted to hang around, whilst I took the opportunity to have a walk around the edge of the estate enjoying an hour or so with 3 Waxwing that were frequenting the berry trees.  All in all a good birding trip with friends.  I would just like to say thank you to the residents of the estate for there co-operation with parking etc. and to Phil for the photos of the Myrtle Warbler shown in this post.      

 Myrtle Warbler (photo by Phil Woollen)

 Myrtle Warbler  (photo by Phil Woollen)




 and again

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