Friday, 28 February 2014

Red-flanked Bluetail

Where does the time go? A week has passed since a work trip to Somerset allowed me to make a short detour to see the long staying Red-flanked Bluetail.  I have seen this species before but never had good views, so welcomed the opportunity to spend a while viewing this one that had been showing well.  The parking site was easy enough to find and a muddy stroll along the side of a small stream, which I believe separates Wiltshire from Gloucestershire, was pleasant enough.  As I was the only birder on site it wasn't a quick "straight on the bird" as I was hoping.   After ten minutes I had located the bird feeding on the edge of a bush and dropping down to the ground to feed on what looked like mealworm.  I enjoyed watching the bird for ten minutes on my own and was able to snap a record shot, shown here.  Shortly after the bird disappeared, so I was glad I had hauled the camera to the site.  Other birds of note seen were Chiffchaff, Grey Wagtail, Raven Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 

 Red-flanked Bluetail

 Grey Wagtail

Great Spotted Woodpecker

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  1. Nice one Ash! It's a bird that's still on my wishlist! One day....