Monday, 29 November 2010

Friday 26th - Delores and Hondo south.

I went to the south edge of Hondo today to look for flooded fields again and did manage to find some, but i manged to loose something as well - my digi-scoping kit!!! So having decided in my wisdom to leave the DSLR at home I have no images for this post today!

The field I found had obviously been flooded some time ago as you could see that the pool which had been created had shrunk significantly, leaving a very muddy field full of wagtails. There were some other things amongst the White Wagtails however, including - Glossy Ibis (7), Wood Sandpiper (3), Green Sandpiper (2), Ruff (2) and Water Pipit (20+). The surrounding fields were constantly being attended to by a couple of Marsh Harrier but we also managed to find a female Hen Harrier which hung around for 15 minutes, shortly followed by a male which did not stop to show off. Perhaps the best moment of the day was when a Merlin sat on a post less than 30m away from me for at least 10 minutes, sods law that this would happen shortly after loosing my digi-scoping gear!

I spent about half an hour looking for the Greater Spotted Eagles from the road at the back of Hondo and managed to find an un-tagged 3rd winter individual and the juv which has been around for a number of weeks now. New camera ordered but for the next week or so it will be DSLR images only, so hopefully everything will stay at close range for me!

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