Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Late News - 15th November

With a a 25 km per hour north westerly wind forcast for the day, we decided to try a seawatch from Cabo de Palos lighthouse in Murcia. The best wind conditions for sea-watching here are without doubt strong north easterlies, however we were still optimistic that something may be pushed close into the shore with the northern element in the wind today. As we approached the lighthouse things looked good, the sea was choppy and there was a steady trickle of Gannets passing very close inshore.

During the 2 hours we spent sea-watching the following species were noted - Gannet (40+), Sandwich Tern (23), Cory's Shearwater (21), Balearic Shearwater (2), Black-headed Gull (4) and Peregrine Falcon (1 in off the sea!). A number of passerines were also present around the lighthouse including; Black Redstart (25+), Meadow Pipit (8), Greenfinch (4), Chaffinch (2) and numerous Sardinian Warblers. We also recorded 6 Plain Tiger Butterflies (see below).

Plain Tiger / African Monach

After finishing our morning at Cabo de Palos we moved on towards La Manga Salina's a few kilometres down the road. The Red (Grey) Phalarope which was found a few days ago was still feeding very activley in the corner of the first roadside pool (see below), which also still held the Marsh Sandpiper from a few days ago; the latter of these species proving very elusive at times. We scanned the various pools and during the time spent here recorded the following species; Little Stint (20+, see below), Dunlin (16), Ringed Plover (7), Green Sandpiper (1), Redshank (11), Greenshank (1), Stone Curlew (2), Black-winged Stilt (12) and 23 Greater Flamingo. The day was rounded off nicely with a new addition to the Garden list when 2 Monk Parakeet's flew over the house in the evening heading to roost.

Little Stint

Red (Grey) Phalarope

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