Friday, 24 December 2010

El Hondo - Yesterday - Late News

Well with Christmas upon us, as many birders have probably experienced, my birding time has drastically decreased due to the many festive preporations. I did however manage to get out for a couple of hours yesterday, visiting the East of El Hondo and walking from the Vistabella road down to the Green hide.

A few good species were recorded on the way down to the hide, these included - Marsh Harrier (12), Hen Harrier (1, ringtail), Booted Eagle (4), Spotted Redshank (4), Great Egret (2), Cattle Egret (100+), Penduline Tit (2), Moustached Warbler (1 singing) many Cetti's Warbler singing and a 6 Glossy Ibis which floated over towards the centre of the reserve. By far the best find of the day was a Marsh Sandpiper which was feeding activley with a mixed group of Redshank and Spotted Redshank from the Green hide. Despite the bird showing well in our scopes it was well out of range for the D90 and my digi-scoping gear was in the car! Hopefully it will hang around for a few days!

The images below show a Booted Eagle which is ringed with a White ring on its left leg, this is fairly difficult to see but now I have pointed it out you should have no trouble finding it, click on the images to enlarge them. Finally I would just like to say (incase I don't get the chance to post again until after Christmas) Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad to all my followers and readers of the blog, your comments and support have both improved the postings and inspired me to keep writting frequently, have a good en!!

Cattle Egret

Pale Phase Booted Eagle

Pale Phase Booted Eagle

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