Saturday, 12 May 2012

Alpera "Wot no Cream-coloured Coursers" !!

Yesterdays birding was hard going to say the least.  Fellow birder and Murcian Resident, Richard Howard and I set off early in the hope of locating the Cream-coloured Coursers that have been recorded at Alpera, Albacete for the last few days.  The information on the location of these birds was sketchy as they had been seen on an un-named road to the South of the Town of Alpera.  We had expected to see other birders looking for the birds so were not too bothered about the lack of directions. No others birders and sadly no Cream-coloured Coursers for us, although they had been reported at 09.15 that morning. 

We decided to head off to Petrola around 2pm in the hope of meeting someone birding who may have further information on the Coursers, but it wasn't to be.  Never one to let a day spent birding be wasted, we salvaged the trip with superb views of over 30 Black Tern, 50 Whiskered Tern and an abundance of waders and wildfowl.  Before we left for home Richard directed me to a site he knows of for Great Bustard.  Our slight diversion home was rewarded with good, if somewhat distant, views of 9 of these magnifnect brids. 

 Black Tern
 And Again
 Couldn't resist another
 Whiskered Tern
 Kentish Plover
 Common Sandpiper
 Black-winged Stilt
Greater Flamingo

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