Monday, 21 May 2012

"The Corridor Runner" (Cream-coloured Courser) UK

Cream-coloured Courser - "The Corridor Runner"
(Thanks to Sue Joynes for the use of her picture)

Last week we searched the fields of Alpera in Spain trying to locate the Cream-coloured Courser that had been reported there.  Today Ashley was lucky enough to see this little beauty that turned up in Herefordshire.   Although we are still in Spain, Ash was working near to where the bird was seen and took a couple of hours off to see it.  Lucky him - not so lucky us - despite trying very hard to relocate the birds at Alpera no-one has seen them for the last 11 days - Hmmm wonder if he flew over to see you guys in the UK chuckling at us as he went ???  

NB:  Cream-coloured Courser roughly translated in Spanish is The Corridor Runner - great name don't you think!

Anyone fancy a beer !

Enough of chasing Coursers .................................................
I think it's time to settle down with the Wagtails and chill with a beer !  

On a more serious note ................. 
Yesterday morning the weather here in Alicante was heavy and somewhat overcast, culminating in an electric storm in the afternoon.  Unfortunately lightening struck the reed beds at La Mata and caused a significant fire, which, aided by a sudden change in the wind spread very quickly.  The emergency services worked hard to control the blaze, ferrying water by plane and helicopter.  How much damage has been caused we are not sure yet, but if access is available we will head out there tomorrow and take a look. 

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