Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lazy day at the Nut House

Today had been set aside as a recoup and regroup day.  Household stuff, washing, shopping and a bit of R & R around the pool was on the agenda.  Did it happen - of course not !  By mid morning Mark had itchy feet and wanted to "have a little drive out" (Mark's term for let's go out birding and see what we can find).

Determined to spend some time in the beautiful villa we are paying for, I agreed on the understanding that we were only out for a couple of hours.  (I am sure an old shack on some wasteland would do Mark and Ash as long as they could go birding everyday).

Knowing full well that Torremendo is one of my favourite drives Mark headed that way "so I could check on the Swallows nesting there".  Who does he think he's kidding ??  3 mins max checking out the Swallows + 2 hours hunting down and photographing Warblers !!  Melodious and Olivaceous Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher and a very photogenic Little Owl were recorded in the area at the mouth of the very impressive reservoir.

In his defence, once we had scratched his birding itch, we stopped at the famous Nut House (official name I believe is Bar Alegria) in San Miguel de Salinas.  Antonio, the owner decided to turn his house turned into a bar, but as he had no licence he was warned by the police that he could not sell alcohol.  To get round this slight inconvenience he sold peanuts and gave away the beer !  Hence the NUT HOUSE !

Whilst we were there today enjoying a plate of peanuts, a few drinks, coffee and tapas, Antonio entertained his diners by singing and playing his old but obviously well loved guitar.   Much better than the original plans of shopping and washing I have to agree.  Returning to the villa we decided to a least keep to part of our original agenda and have a quick dip in the pool and some R & R before our evening meal.

 Spotted Flycatcher 

Olivaceous Warbler 

Little Owl 

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