Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Birding Blues :-( to Beautiful BLUES :-) !!

                   No explanation required !                                 Ash Ryan & Craig at the ground

The last post we put on the blog was about the Cream-coloured Coursers which unfortunately despite trying very hard we have been unable to relocate - BIRDING BLUES :-(

Since then there has been a weekend and what a weekend it was for the Blues of Manchester !

Along with birding fans we are all avid MANCHESTER CITY fans, so you can imagine what the weekend was like for us.  Not lucky enough to get a ticket for the match Ashley, Ryan and some friends headed off to Manchester to take in the atmosphere and watch the match at a pub near the ground, whilst Mark and I watched it here in the Breeze Bar, the home of the Costa Blanca Blues - a registered Manchester City Fan Club out here in Spain.

We went from absolute despair to complete Euphoria in less than 5 minutes, definitely not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure ! - BEAUTIFUL BLUES :-)

All finally calmed down and back to normal today.  Ashley in South Wales, England and Mark and I still enjoying the sun and the beautiful birds of the Costa Blanca.

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